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Cameron Park (Waco)

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Cameron Park is situated at the top of a bluff overlooking the confluence of the Bosque and the Brazos Rivers near downtown Waco. It is a spacious park with a zoo, picnic areas, and one of the best mountain bike courses in Texas. The trails are marked with ski slope ratings, and these ratings are pretty true to the difficulty levels used at mountain biking meccas like Whistler, Moab, etc. When something is marked black diamond or double black diamond at Cameron, it really is. The double black drops at Cameron are very steep and sketchy and generally much longer than the black diamond or double black diamond sections on other courses in Texas (for those who have ridden Walnut Creek, imagine the drop into Endo Valley if it were steeper and about 2-3 times as long.)

Cameron Park is known for climbing, and plenty of it. Once a trail starts climbing at Cameron, it continues climbing for what seems like a ridiculous period of time. Because of these sustained climbs (not to mention sustained drops), Cameron Park is a good place to train for riding in the mountains. The terrain has aspects of other Central Texas trails-- dirt embankments, roots, limestone ledges, etc. However, the trails are, in general, very well maintained (they have numerous wooden bridges, for instance-- see map) and less eroded than other Central Texas trails.

There is no established loop at Cameron. The trails are bi-directional, and you can enter the network from just about every parking area in the park. The GPS track above starts at Emmon's Cliff and hits Erect, Baseball, Outback, Colorado, River Trail, Highlander, one of the double black drops (can't remember which), River Trail, Mouth of the Bosque, Powerline, Kidney, Picnic, Vermont, X-Over, Act of Faith, Speed Run, Tar Hill, Edge, Schist, Lawson, California 56.

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