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Pedernales Falls State Park

Pedernales Falls State Park has two options for mountain bikers. The most popular is the 8-mile Wolf Mountain Trail. To get to this trail, take the first right after the entry station. Wolf Mountain is mostly easy gravel doubletrack. At the first junction, bear left, which takes you around Tobacco Mountain to Jones Spring. If there is water in Jones Spring, it is worth your time to stop here, as it forms a series of scenic pools and waterfalls. Past Jones Spring, the trail becomes intermediate singletrack for a while as it climbs up the side of Tobacco Mountain. This section is less than a mile and has some ledges, rock gardens, and other typical features of blue trails in the Hill Country. After the trail widens out into doubletrack again, you will come to another junction, near Tobacco Creek. If you want to add mileage to your ride, you can take a left at this junction and ride up the hill to the gate, pass through the gate, and bear right onto the doubletrack that runs along the park's southern boundary. This doubletrack has some great views of the Hill Country. Backtracking to the Tobacco Creek junction, bear left onto the Wolf Mountain Trail. The next two junctions are due to the trail splitting around Wolf Mountain. You can either go right then right or left then left. At the final junction, bear left to get back to your car.

The second trail in Pedernales Falls SP is an easy 4-mile loop that starts across the river from the main campground. Park in one of the designated day use parking areas, and the trailhead can be accessed between campsites 33 and 34. Walk your bike down the hill, then either walk or ride across the river (depending on the depth), and the loop begins on the other side. This loop has a little bit of climbing but is mostly non-technical.

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